I am passionate about the power of getting to know oneself, self-compassion, understanding ourselves, especially our shadow side.

I have always been fascinated by people and believe that once we  discover our wounds, it´s not enough to stop there. The next step is to empower ourselves to grow and stretch, taking responsability for our actions in the Here and Now.  

I believe that psychotherapy can be a short process and that the decision of how long to go for is in the hands of the client. “There is so much information out there these days, a lot of the Gestalt terminology is already in people’s general vocabulary. It’s perfect just to have a first contact with the process and feel how it sits with you.  The two most important actions  are taking the first step by showing up to a session and  secondly  taking responsibility for the changes you want to see in your life. It’s a huge relief for most people to share in a confidential non-judgemental space, to unburden themselves and discover that they are not alone and that they usually do have some control over their situation. It is also vital to acknowledge how well they are doing already. We are usually our own worst critics and judges. 


Through working with Brenda you can:

  • Learn to identify and put limits in situations that don’t support you. 
  • Improve your relationship with yourself  and with others.
  • Find concrete ways to understand and reduce anxiety in your life.
  • Liberate yourself from unhelpful familial and ancestral patterns.
  • Explore how you parent and how you can improve your parenting skills. 
  • Get support for your teenager to understand and manage what’s going on inside and outside of them. 
  • And much more…


Brenda´s credentials and training include the following:

B.A. (Applied Psychology) UCC Cork, Ireland

M.S.C. (Health Pychology) NUI Galway, Ireland

Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy, UCC Cork, Ireland.

Gestalt Psychotherapy Instituto de Terapia Gestalt Valencia.

Constelaciones Familiares with Eva Bisonte Azul, Alicante.